Praying it Forward: Emerging Hope and Our Role as Ancestors of the Future.

Jonas Salk said that our greatest responsibility is to become good ancestors. Joanna Macy says a similar thing in that what we need to do is learn to act like ancestors of future generations. Throughout this retreat day we will look at what it means to be people of hope and how it is that we might become storytellers of a new future. In contemplative style we will consider the question of what it is that the Divine wants to be made known through us and how we might participate in this calling. There will be input and quiet time. Yes, Cath will also play her Celtic harp for us…

Arrival time at Santa Casa is any time after lunch and before a light tea at 5.45pm. Departure time is after lunch and before 2pm


Start: Fri, 19th July 2024
Finish: Sun, 21st July 2024
Cath Connelly