What We Do

As a centre for retreats and spirituality our doors are open to people of all faiths

Santa Casa has embraced the principles of Laudato Si and has incorporated programs and practises that will heighten awareness of its goals.

We offer a sacred space for individuals wanting to make their own private retreat as well as offering a well-equipped venue for group retreats with their own facilitator.

We also:

  • Host in-house retreats offered by experienced directors on a wide range of topics such as: prayer; contemplation and mysticism; on gospel themes of compassion, love and social issues; and integral ecology and cosmology.
  • Support primary, secondary and tertiary school staffs to conduct in-service days, longer workshops and other professional development and team-formation programs.
  • Welcome communities of all faiths and denominations to congregate for their communal prayer gatherings.
  • Provide a hospitable and well-equipped venue for groups to practice yoga, meditation and other activities to strengthen community bonds.