“IMMORTAL DIAMOND” Live-In and via Zoom

These last two words of Gerard Manly Hopkins poem are a powerful and poetic statement of faith. They provide a metaphor for the essence of who we really are – in Christ. It is an essence that we spend a lifetime seeking, one way or another. This retreat explores the movement of seeking that essence throughout our lives and the discoveries along the way, especially in the final season(s) of life. The retreat invites us into the “heart seeing” needed to see more than the externals and so respond to Love’s calling to sink into the deeps of the Ground of Being, there to discover the true self hidden within.
Spiritual direction will be available, and some form of creativity is encouraged.
Arrival time at Santa Casa is any time after lunch and before a light tea at 5.45pm. Departure time is before 10am


Start: Mon, 22nd April 2024
Finish: Mon, 29th April 2024
Madeline Duckett rsm
760+GST Live -in. Via zoom $300+ GST