“The Heart of the Matter” – Our Mercy Constitutions Revisited

Reflection Days:
A wise elderly Sister said to me recently after reading words from our Constitutions, that “we are on the cusp of a new phase – the rebirth of all creation”. Hence this invitation to a 4-day revisiting of our Mercy Heartland, bringing to bear on them NOW the wisdom and inspiration gleaned from our experience of living them over the years. As we reflect, contemplate, and share from the store of riches we hold within us, it is hoped that “in this threshold moment of Institute life” our hearts may be fired anew with God’s Mercy wherever we are.

Arrival time at Santa Casa is any time after lunch and before a light tea at 5.45pm. Departure time is before 10am


Start: Fri, 14th June 2024
Finish: Wed, 19th July 2023
Madeline Duckett rsm